Battle of Bordentown June 9-10, 2007

Camp Rules & Guidelines

  • "The Safety Standards and Guide to Black Powder" of The Continental Line, Inc. & Safety regulations of the British Brigade will be in effect.
  • No walk-ons. If you and/or your regiment are not registered than do not come.
  • Please be prepared to amalgamate. Every effort will be made to ensure unit continuity but your unit will be a part of a larger section. Officers are asked to be prepared to serve with a musket if necessary.
  • Report to the Quartermaster or a member of his staff before setting up your camp. Campaign/Hard Core/Progressive participants must also report to the Quartermaster before set-up.
  • No pets in camp. This is a private site & the only animals allowed will be horses.
  • Horses must have the appropriate veterinary paperwork. (Coggins/etc.)
  • Those bringing horses please report to the Quartermaster who will direct you to the horse camp area.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Cooking fires are allowed in the mess or kitchen areas only. Sod must be removed & replaced when the weekend is over. A water bucket must be near the fire at all times. NO UN-ATTENDED FIRES. NO FIRES OR OPEN FLAMES IN THE CAMP AREA.
  • A special area will be set up for a camp kitchen to be dug. County equipment will be used to dig part of it. Volunteers are needed to finish it with shovels etc.
  • STAY OFF ALL ROCK FORMATIONS. The site has a rock garden on it & no-one is allowed to climb on the rocks at any time.
  • No cars in camp after site open to the public. Park in designated areas only.
  • Set up time starts 12 PM Friday.
  • Water, wood, port-a-johns, & straw will be provided.
  • No straw/hay bales in camp. Take what you need & put the rest back on the pile.
  • No boxes, stools, covered coolers, chairs, lantern stands etc. in company streets. Put your stool in your tent when you are finish sitting on it.


Logistics contains directions on how to get to the Battle of Bordentown event from various locations. Its also contains links to accommodations near Bordentown, New Jersey and attractions in the surrounding area.


The news section contains all the latest news about the Battle of Bordentown and any recent important updates to this web site. It also contains links to press articles that talk about the Battle of Bordentown and the 325th Anniversary of the city of Bordentown.


This section contains information living historians need for the Battle of Bordentown. This includes participant schedule, list of registered units, command structure and other important information that participants will need. It also includes information for Sutlers/Merchants.
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